nadia h ali

(b.2002) is an artist, designer, writer & educator.

As a queer, multiracial, multiethnic artist, my practice AND MY LIFE is heavily informed by intersectionality.

Intersectionality and empathy has had a profound significance on how i have come to understand and continually create myself, as well as how i approach the transformmutation of theory into practice (also known as alchemy or making magic)

My work lies in exploring a the new frontier, identities. i’m fasinated by the in-betweens, productions and translations of identities, individually and interpersonally. i’m most connected when engaged in and facilitating media-based organizing, rhizomatic knowledge sharing, and generative critical action. i continue to dive deeper into the wreckage created by immigration and diasporic movements, exploring ruptures in lineage and tradition while strengthening bonds of solidarity. 

Guided by the belief in recognizing love and inherent worth in all living beings, my goal is to co-create a more joyful, liberated world by nurturing personal & collective agency in making change.

where to reach me: | @nadiaali.419 |

short-form resume/cv

BFA Graphic Design | 2024
Minor in Craft & Material Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University

We Have a Few Thoughts; | Jan-Feb 24
Commissioned writing & poster design
The Branch Museum 
Richmond, VA

Soft Reading Tools | Apr 2023
Soft sculpture activated by performance
Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)
Richmond, VA

Queer Craft Map | Oct 2022
Poster display
Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair
New York, NY

*email for full resume/cv/references and all work related inquires

last updated 1 May 24